Gain Confidence in Your Livestock Production

We understand how critical it is to keep your livestock and operations healthy in the livestock production industry. Your primary responsibility as a producer is to monitor the operation of each barn in your operation, which may number in the hundreds and each with its own set of software and sensors. This often results in a struggle with:

  • Making data-driven decisions is difficult due to a lack of consistent information
  • Monitoring the performance of each barn and the entire operation to aid in continuous improvement
  • Having access to real-time data from all of your barns in one convenient location

If this sounds familiar, we may have a solution for you.

Streamline Your Livestock Production Operations

with 24/7 Monitoring from a Single Dashboard

Our team has extensive experience in the livestock industry and recognizes the importance of accurate data. As a result, we collaborated with Acumence by Flexware Innovation to create powerful farm intelligence software that enables livestock producers like you to track barn operations in real-time across an enterprise from a single dashboard.


How well is the environment being controlled?

Temperature, air quality, humidity, and electrical power are all constantly monitored to ensure a safe barn environment for your livestock.


How well are the animals growing?

Monitor animal growth, food intake, and water consumption to ensure your livestock operations are operating at peak efficiency.


How is the animal’s health?

Tracks death rates, medications, and illnesses, as well as which regions have the most outbreaks.

Drive Controllable, Sustainable Barn Conditions

24/7 Monitoring

View real-time barn conditions including air quality, temperature, humidity, water, and power

Smart Alerts

Receive calls, texts, and alerts to quickly address livestock health issues or poor barn conditions

Ease & Efficiency

Maintain control of your operations from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device

Data All In One Place

Get consistent, simple, and convenient information from all your farms in one central place

Easy Integration

Seamlessly connects to most barn sensors and hardware via a gateway or API

Rapid Deployment

From installation to production tracking, the average deployment takes 8-12 weeks

How to Get Started


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Get your data-driven plan

We’ll create a custom livestock operations plan that’s tailored to your goals, ensuring your success.

Maximize productivity with data you can trust.

With Acumence monitoring your barns and livestock 24/7, you’ll be able to confidently expand your operations.

Ready to have complete visibility into your production operations?

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