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Future-proof your farm.

We know that the most profitable pork producers must balance daily operation demands with investing in continuous improvement efforts. You understand the importance of finding ways to reduce overall production costs. We provide a technology framework that drives continuous improvement for your production operations.

active in production systems raising millions of pigs each year.

"Since day one our relationship with Summit SmartFarms has been unique. Summit has done a great job asking what we need to build our vision together in partnership, and at the end of the day that made this relationship very productive."

"Summit SmartFarms staff is knowledgeable and service-oriented particularly around solving connectivity and hardware performance issues. They have a great handle on the intersection of technology and pig production to get data off the paper and visible to caretakers."

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The right actions that improve production.

See data quickly and calls to action in real time, equipping you with the information you need to act fast and see results. Through our SmartAction analytics framework, you’ll have access to data that’s not just descriptive but prescriptive to help you know the corrective or preventive actions to take next.


Technology that plugs into your systems.

Combine your existing systems and tools with our industrial-grade technology that’s essential to improving visibility into your production operations. Our SmartAction framework integrates easily into your existing systems to provide you with a central dashboard view and cost reduction action plan that your team can access from a tablet in the barn no matter how spotty your WiFi connection is.


A partner who walks the barn floors.

We help you develop a strategy to increase profitability that integrates seamlessly with your unique production system. You’ll work alongside experienced pig production and technology professionals who know your day-to-day challenges. You’ll have access to a team of seasoned cost reduction experts who will equip you and your team with the knowledge, tools, and processes to drive enhanced production execution.


Fast truth leads to fast action.

Use fast truth driven by our SmartAction framework that prescribes the fast, corrective action that drives the dysfunction out of your production operations.

Common Questions

Are you a technology tool?

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